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“Melinda is the kind of person that helps you grow. She is tough, driven, smart and decisive – she asks the right questions and she pulls no punches. The word “organized” does not even begin to describe her as a coordinator and program director. Over the years working with her I have picked up tools she has laid at my feet, adopting some of them as my personal best practices, and have yet to find a hole in her game.”

- Brad Lott, Account Director, Premier Exhibits & Displays

“Melinda is the consummate professional and exemplary event planner.  Having worked with Melinda for 10 years on countless events, I’ve seen her consistent commitment to quality, cost containment, excellent communication, and attention to detail.  Melinda is an advocate for her client, seeking the best in creative concepts and show suppliers.  She is extremely buttoned up, prompt and excellent on follow up/follow through.  When Melinda is on the project I KNOW it will get done on time, at the best price and with the best team.  And I know it will be an exceptional booth or event admired by our clients and competitors alike.”

- Cathi Breza, Vice President, Discovery Onboard

“When The Cable Show returned to New Orleans for the first time since Hurricane Katrina, the NCTA Board of Directors recommended that our industry do something special for the City – the industry’s response was wonderfully overwhelming – CableCares.   We reached out to our friend and veteran event planner, Melinda Schwartz.  Under Melinda’s watchful eye, the industry took on over a dozen community service projects all over the city; each with its individual complexities involving volunteer recruiting, supply sourcing, catering and press relations, to name a few.  She executed brilliantly with professionalism, dedication, and endless energy; in New Orleans, Washington DC and again in Los Angeles when Cable left its mark on all these great cities.  We won’t tackle a CableCares without Melinda at the helm!”

- Mark Bell, Vice President, Industry Affairs

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